Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nerd Girl Alert!

Nerd Girl alert!

I'm really digging the paranormal genre.  What I wouldn't do to come up with a really good paranormal love story as a my next book.

I think this is because I grew up with an older brother and through him, I was introduced to science fiction, strange creatures, and great fantasy stories.  I remember seeing Star Wars for the first time when I was seven and then many times after that.  I remember my brother dressing up as Luke Skywalker for Halloween.  I wanted to be Princess Leia but couldn't quite pull off the look.  Nevertheless, I remember loving the Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and all those cool Star Wars action figures. 

My love of science fiction and fantasy stories took a backburner through my teens as I focused mostly on love stories.  As a young adult, my reading selections expanded and I enjoyed non-fiction, fiction of all different themes... and then Twilight came out.  After Twilight, my love of books took on a whole new meaning and my obsession with books and reading reached OCD levels.  This year alone, I've read 100 books (according to my Kindle).  

Why do I write a blog post on this?  The last eleven books I've read these past two months or so, have been Paranormal books.  I've recently completed the following:
  • Red Hill - by Jamie McGuire -- a Zombie apocalypse book.  I'm not really into zombie stories, but I love the author's other books so I thought I would give it a try.  Not bad...
  • Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead (6 books) - Vampires, humans, and those half breeds that protect them.  Loved it!  Great story about friendship with a kickass heroine.
  • The Lux series from Jennifer Armentrout (4 books -- I can't wait for the last installment which won't be released until next summer! Argh!) - this is an awesome action packed alien love story.  Yes, sounds corny, but it's sooo good!
  • The Fall of Five - this is the 4th in the Lorien legacy series - Teenage aliens that hide on earth and possess superpowers to fight off a global invasion.  The movie "I Am Number Four" was the first book in the series.   Too bad they're not making another movie.  The later books are totally action packed.
  • Bloodlines - this is another series written by Richelle Mead and I'm currently reading the 1st of I think four books?
  • Harry Potter - One of my all time favorite series, but I'm now reading them with my girls.  We are on book #4 The Goblet of Fire.
Anyways, each of these books bring me into a whole new world created by the author.  There is love, action, and cool science fiction and fantasy elements.  I love it. 

What can I say?  I'm a total nerd.

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