Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I have an awesome Editor - Erin Roth.
Her feedback was brutally honest and snarky.  Some of her comments felt like an arrow through my chest. 

BUT.... Every author must learn to take criticism and her feedback was constructive and very true.  Having incorporated her feedback, I ended up cutting out almost 75% of my first three chapters.  It seriously hurt to do so, but my book is so much better for it.  Erin really knows what she's doing. 

When I originally starting writing the book, I was initially motivated by my Microsoft experiences and wanted to share them.  However, in the process of doing so, I forgot that I was writing a romance.  The book was having sort of a personality disorder.  If you read it, you couldn't tell if it was a romance or if it was a memoir of Microsoft.  As much as it killed me to do so, I cut out all the MS stuff.  I focused on making my main character likable and revealing the Microsoft components through other less direct means.  Erin had some fabulous suggestions, that in my opinion, completely changed the tone of the book.

I'm so pleased with the end result. 

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