Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beta Reader Reviews are coming in!!

Each time I hand over my book to a beta reader, it's absolutely terrifying.  I think it's because each time I show my book to someone, it's a little like I'm revealing the essence of my soul.  I slaved over this book for over a year, giving it every creative spark I had.  I had to dig deep into my emotions for certain scenarios, to be able to properly write about how Julia and Ryan might feel.  I had to reveal either my talent or lack of (depending on the reviewer's opinion), and that is what is so scary. 

Someone could hate it.  Someone could think that I'm crazy for even trying to do this.  But on the other hand, that person might actually like it.  They might tell their friends about it.  They might actually appreciate the time and effort and sweat I put into it.   For those of you who have truly enjoyed the book and given me your time, support, and constructive feedback, you have motivated me to keep going on this journey and making my dream a reality.   Thank You!!  Your support means so much to me and I am forever grateful.

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