Friday, May 17, 2013

Coming Up With a Title

Coming up with a title for my book has been difficult.  When I first started writing it, Chris jokingly threw out there the title "Meet Me At Building 7".  For those who are familiar with "Digisoft" life, then you know there is no building 7.  It's an inside joke.  

Now that I'm nearing the last stretch and I'm more than half way through with my first edit, Chris thought I should change the name of my book.  The title needed to capture several things: 

  • Imply that it was a contemporary romance
  • Imply that it was somehow related to "Digisoft" and it's subculture
  • It needed to be different, capture people's attention
  • It couldn't be too sappy... I wanted to stay away from the world of Harlequin
  • And if possible, it needed to have double meaning, with a sexual undertone or reference.
The title I've chosen is .... a secret for now.  Chris gave full thumbs up approval.  He thought the title fit all of the criteria above, so much so that he didn't want me to risk the public getting a hold of it, in case someone would steal it.  A little paranoid? Yes, but that just means he loves me and supports my little hobby. 

Once I publish the book, you might get a good laugh out of it.

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